Michelle& Paul 
September 28, 2002 

One sits and reads a novel and  
one stands outside the door 
one listens to her beating heart 
and one wants that heart more 
one shakes the silence all away 
and one wants to renew  
so join us on this blessed day 
when one and one are two 

one stands up on the aisle 
and releases her father's hand 
one watches her with love 
between a woman and a man 
and as they exchange vows 
and both proclaim "I do" 
we rejoice and lend our voice 
now that one and one are two 

--Kevin Anderson

Welcome to our online wedding album.  We hope these pictures will allow those of our family and friends that were unable to attend the wedding an opportunity to share in our special day. 


Michelle and Paul are both Stephen King fans and they met while exchanging first editions at the web ring. Thet got married in Las vegas after dating for five years. This was a great week to celebrate their union at the Bellagio Hotel. Some would say that there as too much drinking and gambling, but after all you only get married once (or so they hope). As a matter of fact they did quite well playing at the tables, mostly Baccarat for Michelle and poker for Paul. The advantage of organizing their wedding at the Ballagio is that practically everything was organized for them and they had access to all the fun they could dream of in a one mile radius. Beyond casino games, there is a spa, a swinning pool and beach, Broadway shows and much more. What a great time we had. The Bellagio is one of the best choice if you want to get married in Las Vegas, or anywhere in America.


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