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King Stephen King, a premier author since 1967, has published nearly 50 books.

He attended the University of Maine where he wrote a column for the school's newspaper. He sold his first professional short story (The Glass Floor) to Startling Mystery Stories around that time. From then he continued to sell stories to men's magazines. Many of these stories have been collected into Night Shift collection or other anthologies.

In 1970, King graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English in order to teach at the high school level. He began teaching in fall of 1971 and continued meanwhile to produce short stories and work on his future novels. Such first editions are prized possessions for the lucky fans who own them.

In 1973, Doubleday accepted 'Carrie' for publication. He learned that if Carrie sold well he would have the fiscal freedom to leave teaching and write full time. In the summer of 1973 King wrote Salem's Lot. Carrie was published in 1974 and King moved from Main to Boulder, Colorado with his wife. In Boulder he wrote The Shining.

He returned to Main in the summer of 1975 and he finished writing The Stand. The Dead Zone soon followed. Other notable novels produced are: Firestarter (1980); Cujo (1981); Christine and Pet Sematary (1983); Thinner (1984); The Green Mile (1996); Hearts in Atlantis (1999); Secret Windows (2000); Dreamcatcher (2001) among others.

In 1978, Stephen King> began to teach creative writing at the University of Maine. There have been numerous film adaptations of his work. He had a part in George Romero's Knightriders. His son Joe Hill appeared in the movie Creepshow. King directed the screenplay for the movie Maximum Overdrive (an adaptation of his short story Trucks).

Stephen and his wife provide scholarships for high school students and contribute to many charities. He received The National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. Stephen King has won the Hugo Award and a multiple time British Fantasy Award winner. Additionally, King has been nominated numerous times for Locus and World Fantasy Awards.

Stephen King's continuing epic The Dark Tower series has created a storm through the writing world among many of his fans. Some of them enjoy the departure from horror and psychological thrillers he writes typically and some critique it as being subpar in comparison.

Regardless, there must be something relevant to be discovered since he continues to write novels for the series. King also has an extensive collection of nonfiction and graphic novel works that many feel are part of his greatest pieces. He wrote a treatise "On Writing" in 2000.



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