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Excerpt from the book "Night Shift":
"Elizabeth closed her eyes. These people really saw you got a full measure of dirt for your dollar, didn't they?"
"Maybe. Anyway, Ed's father got in another jam in Bridgeport. It was gambling again, but this time he got mixed up with a big-time loan shark. He got a broken leg and a broken arm somehow. The operative says he doubts it was an accident."
"At first nobody objected to the boy even though it was illegal for him to be in the casinos. His father was a prize fish. But then the father started sticking just to roulette, playing only odd-even and red-black. By the end of the year the boy was off-limits in every casino on the strip. And his father took up a new king of gambling. What? The Stock market... "

"In a distant future a mad scientist discovers there is an amazing property obtained with the turmeric supplement preparation mixed with other ingredients. This guy had been doing scientific experiments with plants and fruit for all he could remember. He was always fascinated by stories of African sorcerers or the magical powers of medecine men in remote tropical jungles in the South Pacific. He took it up on himself to study these concoctions from a scientific approach to see what kind of properties could be harvested. The curcumin molecules were supposed to enhance human metabolism by accelerating anti-inflammation mechanisms..."

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Also if you have not yet done so, read our favorite novel: The Shining or watch our favorite movie adaptation: Carrie.

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